If Bodies Heal Themselves Why Am I Still Sick?

The Simple Truth About Oxidation – by Dr Peggy Parker


This question is asked thousands of times every day… and for centuries doctors, nurses and dedicated medical researchers have struggled to find the answer. After decades of study and thousands of hours of clinical research, Dr. Peggy Parker has broken the code! As she shares her surprising discovery, your question will finally be answered. Here’s the Simple Truth…

It All Starts With Your Cells

Your body is composed of 70-100 trillion (70,000,000,000,000) cells which all have a few things in common?

Each of these cells is surrounded by a cell membrane made primarily of fat, called a phospholipid bilayer.

Phospholipid Bilayer


A healthy cell membrane is selectively permeable. It allows water and oxygen to flow freely into the cell.

This keeps it properly hydrated, pH balanced and ready to produce energy. It also allows carbon dioxide and other waste products to flow freely out of the cell.

Special proteins are imbedded into the cell membrane that regulate the transfer of minerals, hormones, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients into and out of the cell.

This process is referred to as celullar transport.

Cellular Transport


Did you know… that the overall health of your body is determined by the health of the cell membrane?

You see, healthy cell membranes create healthy cells, and healthy cells make healthy tissues, and healthy tissues make healthy bodies.

But We Have One Major Problem!


Every day, each of those 70 – 100 trillion cells that make up your body is assaulted 10,000 times by damaging free radicals!

Free Radical Oxidative Stress

As you can see, the cellular damage created by these free radicals affects every part of you body.

Oxidative damage is such a widespread problem that it has been linked to virtually every illness or disease, as shown in countless studies, performed by thousands of doctors and medical researchers.

The one thing they all agree on is that over time these elements of destruction begin to damage otherwise healthy organs, tissues, and cells down to your DNA.

As these free radicals attack the weak links in your genetic chain, they can damage your DNA and leave you at a much greater risk for illness, disease and even premature death, but…

your DNA is not your destiny

 …your DNA is not your destiny!


Despite tens of thousands of scientific articles that verify the role of oxidation as the primary cause of aging and disease, no one really understood the process… that is until now!

After many years of clinical research, Dr. Peggy Parker connected the dots… She outlined the downward cycle of oxidation that leads to disease and aging.

The cycle begins when healthy cell membranes become damaged by free radical oxidation. As the damage from oxidation progresses the cell membrane actually changes.

The oxidized fats in the cell membrane are no longer fluid, flexible and permeable but instead become thick, sticky and impermeable…

Just like the oxidized fat on your kitchen exhaust fan!

Oxidized Fat Cell Membrane


The thick, sticky fats in the cell membrane are no longer able to allow the free passage of water and oxygen into the cell, or the carbon dioxide and other waste products out of the cell.

As cell become burdened with toxic wastes and even more free radicals, a greater imbalance in the natural pH occurs, until these cells become hopelessly dehydrated.

Downward cycle of oxidation


This accumulation of acids, waste products and free radicals leads to further oxidation of the cell membrane, and so the downward cycle of oxidation continues.

Now that you understand the gravity of the situation, here’s how it happened…


Let’s start with the basics…

Atom and Free Radical

Atoms are the building blocks of your cells, and all stable atoms contain an even number of paired electrons.

Free radicals occur when stable atoms lose an electron, resulting in a single, unstable, unpaired electron.

Many things in our surroundings, including the UV rays emitted by the sun, radiation from our cell phones, computers and televisions, and even the food we eat, create these unstable free radicals. Surprisingly enough, so do many natural functions in our bodies. Exercise and even emotional stress are also part of the problem!

In fact your cells are free radical producing factories! As cells produce energy, they burn oxygen, leaving behind – you guessed it – free radicals! As your immune system kills foreign invaders, it actually use free radicals!


Once created, these free radicals set off a chain of reaction that begins a never ending cycle of oxidative damage, aging, disease and ultimately, death. And it all begins with your cell membrane!

Now here’s the good news…

Dr. Parker made a groundbreaking, scientific discovery that changes everything! She uncovered the surprisingly simple solution to the incredibly complex subject of oxidation.

Reverse Oxidation


She discovered the cycle of oxidation can be reversed by delivering high levels of antioxidants to the cells. These antioxidants restore the cell membrane back to health. Healthy cell membranes once again allow oxygen and water to flow freely into the cell and wastes out of the cell.

This re-activates the body’s self healing cycle!


Now that you understand the benefits of antioxidants, here’s how they work…

To stop the downward cycle of oxidation, the free radical must become stable again. That single, unpaired electron must find a mate!

How Antioxidant Work

Antioxidants have the unique ability to donate an electron, transforming the free radical back into a stable atom!

While they are clearly beneficial, not all antioxidants are created equal…


Despite their obvious importance, antioxidants all suffer from one significant drawback you can clearly see…

Antioxidant Drawback

…By donating an electron to neutralize a free radical, the antioxidant now becomes a new free radical!


They actually add yet another free radical to the never ending cycle of oxidation, illness, disease and death!

Now to be perfectly clear, the antioxidant DID neutralize a very destructive free radical, and in exchange become much weaker free radical. So while they do slow down the path to aging, disease and death… the downward spiral still continues!

Downward cycle of oxidation

This problem left even the most brilliant scientists, doctors and researchers baffled, asking this question…

How can we stop this cycle of oxidation?


The solution to this perplexing problem turned out to be as simple as drinking a glass of water!

But not just any water…high quality ionized water!

The remarkable antioxidant properties of this water have been observe by many, but never understood..yet the principles are used by scientists, chemists and engineers every day.

High Quality Ionized Water

You see, high quality ionized water is rich in the most elegantly simple antioxidant that can be found… the free electron.

Creating free electrons is nothing new. In fact a high quality water ionizer treats water the same way a hydrogen fuel cell does.

And it happens like this…



When an electrical current passes through water – a process know as electrolysis – some of the water molecules break apart, creating Hydroxyl Ions (OH-) and Hydrogen Gas (H).

And just like in a hydrogen fuel cell, when the Hydrogen molecules are exposed to platinum, they release their electrons!

Hydrogen molecules exposed to Platinum

In a hydrogen fuel cell, these electrons are directed down a wire where they produce electricity. But in a high quality water ionizer, these free electrons become part of the alkaline drinking water.

One of the most important things to keep in mind in the process of creating free electrons through ionization is this… the stronger the electrical current passing through the water, the more Hydrogen Gas is produced…

And the more platinum the Hydrogen Gas is exposed to, the greater the number of free electrons produced. And those free electrons are just that … FREE!

Recreating a Stable Atom with a Free Electron

Free to neutralize any free radical anywhere in your body!


Free electrons are the only antioxidant that can stabilize a free radical and STOP the cycle of oxidation!

While this concept is simple, its results are astonishing!

These free electrons are the answer to the question.

These free electrons have the power to “reactivate” your body’s own healing potential and STOP the downward cycle of oxidation.

High Quality Ionized Water

The questions was perplexing but the answer is simple and this Simple Truth changes everything…

Now you can simply, effectively and inexpensively “reactivate” your own healing today. And it starts with simple glass of water.

Now you know The Simple Truth About Oxidation and the most powerful antioxidant on earth!